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TANKED! - The Tank Black Story Tanked! is the true tale of Black’s inspiring rise from a poor, parent-less family in Tennessee and the mistakes and failings that caused his crash, conviction and imprisonment. In the book, he tells the stories behind some of the games’ most famous and notorious players, revealing for the first time the real dirty business of professional sports.

Black also details his own mistakes and shortcomings, and explains the pressure involved in getting to the top—and staying on top—of the sports agent profession. In great candid detail, he chronicles his experiences with players and how easily it is to get caught up in the fast lane.

Tank will tell you about...

=> About how he was never willfully involved in the drug money laundering and Ponzi schemes, which lost his players millions of dollars. (We can provide FBI transcripts that prove his innocence).

=> The pregnant young woman a prominent NBA star, had him travel to talk to so the NBA star's mother and endorsers—would never know existed.

=> His relationship with star Carolina Panthers wide receiver, Rae Carruth, and how he believes Carruth didn’t plot a heinous murder and shouldn’t still be sitting in prison for the crime;

=> The illegitimate son of a successful NFL Network analyst that had been refused acknowledgment.

=> What really happened the night TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes set fire to NFL star Andre Rison’s home; and

=> All the dirty deeds sports agents routinely use to get ahead such as paying college players, providing women for clients and flat out lying.

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It's the true tale of Tank's inspiring rise and the mistakes and failings that caused his crash, conviction and imprisonment. He tells the stories behind the stories of some of football's most famous and notorious players, revealing for the first time details involving murder, arson, pregnant girlfriends, greedy and manipulative parents, larcenous crooks who prey on players and the brazen corruption of the National Football League Players Association and college sports.

Tank also details his own mistakes and shortcomings and explains the pressure involved in getting to the top and staying on top of the agent profession. He chronicles his experiences with players in strip clubs and how easily it is to get caught up in the fast lane.

This is an exposé of the seamy underbelly of professional sports as told through the story of Black's own inspiring rise from poverty to become one of sports' top super agents, representing superstars like Rae Carruth, convicted of involvement in the murder of his girlfriend; Andre Rison, whose girlfriend Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes burned his mansion to the ground; the callous attitude of players like Sterling Sharpe and NBA star Vince Carter toward the casual girlfriends they got pregnant; and the hypocrisy and dirty tricks used by competing agents against Black to destroy his career, ultimately costing him his freedom and his thriving businesses.

Read what others have to say!

Wow! Whenever I read a book, I usually never finish it to the end. But this book is different. I found myself reading page after page.

Here's a man who grew up with no money. But with love, compassion for others, determination and wisdom, which he inherited from his grandmother, he became a famous wealthy sports agent. He endured many obstacles while growing up, but he never let it stop him from reaching his goals. Even while he was in prison. Some of us would have given up.

I'm glad Mr. Black revealed the behind the scenes of the sports world. Every parent who has a son or daughter aspiring to be a professional athlete should read this book. Even if you're not a sports fan, it's still interesting to know in detail how the sports world is corrupt and what happens if you don't play by their rules.

There are several life lessons to be learned from Mr. Black's story. Yes, he made mistakes, but he also learned from them too. I highly recommend everyone, sports fan or not, to read this book.

Bernita W.


This book was interesting from beginning to end. The author said he used a ghost writer and they worked phenomenal together.

The details that the author gave the ghost writer really made it come to life. The details and emotions that I felt when I was reading the book, helped me to first understand where he came from and each direction he was heading in life. I felt like we(the author and I)were sitting down at a table together and he was telling me personally the events in his life that has made him the man he is today.

The book was also educational on a fun level,as to how the college football industry works behind the scenes. For example, I did not know athletes had to take a test as part of the drafting process. I'm by far not a football enthusiast, but I found myself unable to put the book down. Even if you've never watched a football game in your life, you'll still be able to appreciate the book and find it entertaining.

I've heard of some of the players mentioned in the book,and it was interesting to me to know the personalities before the fame and money, to how the personality was after the fame and money. And if/how the money changed them.

The author does not just point out the faults of some of the athletes, without disclosing some of his as well, which puts the reality of the book into prospective. He delivers a book of entertainment,knowledge and wisdom. Which I'm 36 and feel you're never too old to learn a life lesson.

M. Smith, Columbia SC


The book TANKED! is a captivating read for anyone who truly loves the NFL. Tank Black’s honesty about the sport, coupled with his own self-realization about the mistakes he made that caused his downward plunge out of the industry, was truly genuine and in every way, believable.

But what is most fascinating, is the gentle, caring voice that Tank uses to portray the mind-blowing events that take place within the NFL. You really have to appreciate this man’s endeavor and desire to help as many deserving and gifted young men as possible have a chance at a better life – especially after you realize the uphill climb that Tank himself had to endure and overcome.

By the end of the book, I was somehow wishing that an agent so obviously caring of the players of the game was still in the game of helping those players that have stars in their eyes, realize their true potential. Just as exceptional in the book, is a surprise ending where what looked like guilt really wasn’t, and that alone certainly offers an insight into the foibles of a justice system that we ALL are subject to.

P.C. Denver, Nashville TN.








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